Wine Crazy!

My wife just sold, like, four bottles of wine to someone. They were looking for this hot wine called “Luzon Verde,” which we happen to have in stock because I just unloaded a case of it because it’s one of the bangin’-est new wines on the scene.

Another thing that happened was a wine salesman stopped by with his new catalog. But my wife and I aren’t authorized to buy any wine for the store, so we just accepted the catalog and said we would pass it along to the owners.

Then something really crazy happened — the wine salesman ASKED IF WE WANTED TO DRINK A SAMPLE OF WINE! He said, “Would you like to try the new Cote du Rhone”(?) and we were like, “Umm, no thank you because we’re both chewing gum at the moment.”

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE WORLD OF WINE . . . I think I could get used to this . . . Let me sell you some wine . . . city friends, come on up on the commuter train and I’ll sell you some delicious tasty wine like you wouldn’t believe . . .