Best Of 2008: JOKES

Here it is, the one you’ve been waiting for: BEST JOKES OF THE YEAR!!!

1. “Hey, it’s really cold! I guess someone forgot to tell GLOBAL WARMING about that!”

2. “Hey, did you notice Hillary’s pants? I guess they really SUIT her!”

3. “Why do chickens make better lovers? Because they NUGGET!” (pronounce “nugget” like “snuggle”)

4. “Hey, the Olympics were in China! Does that mean everyone ate chinese food? Because does that mean they used chopsticks? Because gymnasts need to STICK their landings, so I bet that was great!”

5. “Why did the economy go to the psychologist? Because it was having DEPRESSION.

6. “I guess President Bush is really excited to leave office and go home; after all he’s a real MOMMA’S BOY.

7. “What did Rev. Jeremiah Wright say when his car broke down? GODDAMN CAR!

8. “Hey, did you hear about Dick Cheney’s blog? It’s really crazy!”

9. “What’s the difference between MTV and VH1? Who knows, all I see is a bunch of weirdos jumping up and down!”

10. “I saw a really scary movie last night; it was called THE ECONOMY.