Best Of 2008: DATING (by request)

Some say 2008 will forever be known as “the year of romance” because people went on so many dates with each other. Whether at bars, clubs, museums, or concerts, you could always find people on dates. Sometimes they were even holding hands. Sometimes they were like, “Ooh, you’re so cute, I love this date we’re having, let’s go home and make a baby.” America, where did we go wrong?

Here’s my list of the TOP TEN DATING-RELATED TRENDS OF 2008:

1. “What’s your name on myspace?”

2. Blind dates

3. Talking politics over a glass of wine

4. Splitting the bill — THE NEW NORMAL?

5. “Ladies first”

6. lawsuit: Everyone on the site has to date everyone else on the site

7. TiVO dates (“I’ll record 60 Minutes and we can watch it on our date”)

8. Meeting chicks/chucks at book clubs: joining twenty book clubs in order to meet chicks/chucks; not reading the books; not even knowing what a book is

9. Riding the bus

10. Eating at an Italian restaurant