Best Of 2008: JOGGING

Jogging is great exercise for the active lifestyle. It feeds the heart, the legs, and the soul. At times during the year, it felt like all my friends were jogging. Maybe if Americans spent more time jogging and less time worshipping false idols, we wouldn’t have all these crazy problems we have. America, where did we go wrong.

Anyway, here’s my list of the TOP TEN JOGGING OF 2008:

1. Adidas Running
2. Olympics
3. Nike (still my favorite brand, gotta buy the shoes)
4. In The Park
5. Hurdles (a.k.a. “Jump-Jogging”)
6. Racing Jogging (a.k.a. “Running in a race”)
7. Chinese People Jogging
8. Stretching Exercises
9. Obama
10. Bush (c’mon guys, when you see him jogging, don’t you sort of love him and forgive him for everything?)