Friday Face-Offs: “Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)” — WINNER!!!

I love that he’s on his break from work. How much do I wish I was in the car with him? And no, not just so I could correct his continued misstatement of the song’s title and feed him lyrics when he’s totally mumblefaking it — so I could freakin’ ROCK with him! The dude is taking requests from youtube users about what songs to SING IN HIS CAR WHILE HE DRIVES AROUND.

Dig how he immediately starts singing a harmony over the melody! I COULD HARMONIZE OVER TOP OF THAT AND MAKE IT SOUND THICKER THAN BETTY CROCKER’S ICING.

Also, goddamn, does he kill “locket” very hard? (1:44)

Of course, for all true FFO-Heads, this must remind you of the greatest in-car video of all time.

Another thing: Check out this guy’s youtube page. If you think this is the only song he’s ever recorded … umm … maybe you need to learn about a number called “600+” … maybe that would help …


Have a good weekend. Don’t forget: I’m live in Beacon tomorrow, and live in Manhattan with Taibbi on Sunday.