Friday Face-Offs: “What You Know” – 2nd Place

(Note: The end of this video features adult language, which is not endorsed or condoned by Friday Face-Offs.)

Basically, as far as I can tell, what happened was: These guys went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and had the best, most incredible meal of their lives — really just had the most fun ever — and then got in their car, and then “What You Know” came on the radio, and then . . . things just got taken to a whole new level of Cheesecake-Factoriness.

Here are some of my favorite lyrics from this incredible song:

What you know about cheesecake

We ate a strawberry shortcake / and I feel like throwin’ up

Cheesecake, baby / chicken, avocado, woo / key lime pie, woo (Best lyric ever?)

Cheesecake for life

This makes me sad that I’ve never eaten at a Cheesecake Factory. I tried to go once, but the wait was something like three-and-a-half days, so I left. Maybe it’s time to try again? I can’t wait until the waitress asks for my order and I say:

“Cheesecake, baby / chicken, avocado, woo / key lime pie, woo”


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