More Articles About Guess Who? ME.

Does anyone read these? I thought posting any and all articles about GYWO would whip the media into a total frenzy and propel my book onto the bestseller list . . . but perhaps it just makes me look like a desperate monomaniac?

WHO CARES?!? “Don’t hide your light under a bushel,” right?

“This little light of mine, I’ve gotta let it shine,” right?

“Buy fifty copies or else,” right?

In any case, two articles from two of the hottest publications in all the land:

CHRONOGRAM (Hottest magazine in the Hudson Valley — which is a magical valley where all the richest millionaires — like me — live.)

STYLE WEEKLY (Hottest magazine in Richmond — which is the best city on the come-up, LOL, small scene burnin’ up in Richmond, LOL, I hear they have the best Christmas carolers.) This is the article where I talk about my new musical venture with a certain soon-to-be-ex-president:

REES: We’d have to see how the first LP does, the first EP. We’re gonna record it, he’s got a private studio in Crawford — a lot of space, just a nice vibe, nice big acoustic room. You know, you … get some of that room sound in the mix. And just lay down some tracks, and try to get on Warped Tour next summer, and hopefully people will come out.

(Photograph by Jennifer May.)