But Wait A Minute, I Read “The Kite Runner!”

What a difference seven years makes!

The flow of (Afghan) returnees has slowed since 2006. But here in the eastern part of the country, which has absorbed more than 60 percent of this year’s nearly 300,000 returnees, the situation is dire.

In a clear sign that life is untenable for many new arrivals, 40 percent of Afghan returnees left the nation again in 2007, citing insecurity and a lack of shelter and jobs, according to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

My emphasis.

Refugee crisis, food scarcity, a hard winter approaching . . . we got unexpected twists all over the place! LOL, “Who’s writing this foreign policy, M. Night Shyamalan?”

Please watch this video about how different things are in Afghanistan as opposed to seven years ago. Things are so different, it’ll make your head spin. I guess it’s understandable, though — after all, it’s only been seven years. What could you possibly hope to accomplish in a mere seven years? Years, months, minutes, it’s all the same, right? Time is, like, totally relative ‘n’ stuff. So if you’re wondering why things aren’t better after seven years, it’s like asking why things aren’t better after seven minutes, dig? How could you fix anything in seven minutes, right? You can’t even listen to an entire RUSH song in seven minutes, can you? So how could you do anything in seven years, since a year is like a minute?

LOL, I made this comic in October 2001, seven years ago.