Reader Mail: TPM 6th Golden Age Begins . . . In 2034?

A brilliant number-cruncher (Nate, is that you?) chimes in on the next TPM Golden Age:

I know that consensus is (correctly) forming that your blog was responsible for Obama’s victory on Tuesday. is undoubtedly the hottest blog on the streets (streetz?). (You got that right — ed.) However, I don’t want you to get blindsided by the rapidly emerging 6th Golden Age of TPM (aka “We are all TPM, now”).

Check out JMM dropping bombs earlier today:

“(TPM has) gone from a staff of one in early 2005 to a staff of eleven today.”

I did the math. That works out to an annualized growth rate of 122.40% per year. If we carry this trend out, it means that WE WILL ALL BE WORKING FOR JOSH MARSHALL BY THE YEAR 2034! In 2034, TPM will have approximately 11,662,615,466 employees. The population of planet Earth is currently estimated at only 6,602,224,175!!

That means that TPM will single-handedly lift the world economy out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression . . .

For now, we keep the number of TPM Golden Ages at FIVE. I’m sure that by 2034, TPM will be deep into Golden Age #743,056.

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