Friday Face-Offs: “Bring It On Home” – 8th Place

Who says Hungarians play Led Zeppelin songs five times too fast? WHO SAYS THAT??? Old wives’ tale, LOL.

LOL, best singer ever. Style = so chill. How is it some singers can just talk their way through a song and make it sound twenty times more rockin’ than the most throat-shredding singer could? Is that what “panache” is?

Jazz-funk freakout at 2:00-ish = working for me. (LOL, kidding, I’m not totally crazy.)

And the bassist’s mullet? Totally inscrutable. If these were American kids, I’d put the odds of it being ironic at 50-50. But these kids are Hungarian. So that totally confounds my likely voter model. BASICALLY WE NEED MASSIVE TURNOUT NEXT TUESDAY FOR THIS MULLET TO BE SINCERE.

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