Thanks Philly, New York, Chicago

Fun times in Philadelphia and Chicago with John Hodgman. I was really LOL’ing at his new book. The only thing I didn’t like was drinking that horrible concoction.

And fun times in New York City with Matt Taibbi! When it comes to Taibbi, I’m LOL 4 LIFE.

If you attended one of these events, I thank you!

BAD NEWS: I left my swim trunks at the hotel in Chicago! WTF!

Hodgman was telling me about this new thing called “Twitter”; if I had Twitter, I would twit about my forgotten swim trunks:

“@davidreestwitter: Anybody at the hotel, can you mail me my swim trunks? Twit twice for YES, once for NO.”

I think that’s how it works . . .

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