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How’s your day going? I assume mine is going GREAT.

From John McCain’s web site:

There is no greater nobility than to sacrifice for a great cause and no cause greater than protection of human dignity. Decency, human compassion, self-sacrifice and the defense of innocent life are at the core of John McCain’s value system and will be the guiding principles of a McCain Presidency.

Here’s a video about a McCain supporter living out those values. Even though I’m not supporting McCain, I have to say, it made me feel good . . . reminds of that book, “Chicken Soup For The Soul”:

From the youtube comments:

This is pure non-sense from the Zionist Jew run media. They capitalize on some nobody citizens’ holloween decoration in the middle of NOwhere. Yet, suppress any news coverage of the Racist Black Nationalist movement that is trying to take over America. The HATE speeches of Rev Wright? Lius Farrakhan, Malik Shabazz, Al Sharpton and millions of their followers VS a holloween costume?? What a absolute scam. And you ppl eat it RIGHT up.

LOL, how did he uncover the secret conspiracy between Louis Farrakhan and the Zionists? I thought they did a good job hiding their secret love relationship from everyone.

Also, when the video started, didn’t you think you were watching a broadcast from circa 1992, and weren’t you like, “How did they know to hate Obama way back in ’92?”

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