Friday Face-Offs: Ignition (Remix) – 4th Place

(Note: The end of this video features adult language and sexual themes, which are not endorsed or condoned by Friday Face-Offs.)

Greatest crew of all time, right here in this video? YES.

As the video begins, ask yourself: Which member of this crew probably has to take the most abuse from the other two crew members? Just take a WILD guess.

Got your answer? Okay, now watch 1:05 – onwards. Was your guess very correct?

Umm . . . 1:24, anyone?

By the way, is there a SMALL escalation of hostilities on the battlefield? At one point, homeboy has TWO LAUNDRY BASKETS ON HIS HEAD. NOT ONE. TWO.

Also, 1:54 makes me SOOOOO LOL. I know just what that feels like: “Y’know, I should really hit him in the face with a laundry basket. That’s what needs to happen at this point in our friendship.”

Also: 3:00?!? Samurai sword, LOL? But also NOL? (Nervous Out Loud)

You know you’re getting old when you’re trying to astral-project chaperone thoughts at a youtube video:

Guys, please don’t drink too much tonight. You probably have a big test on Monday.

You don’t need to drink to have fun. You just need a sword, a couple laundry baskets, some hot jams, and your crew.


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