One Month Left.

One month left.

MAYBE YOUR GUY IS UP IN THE POLLS and the other guy is looking a little raggedy. So maybe you feel a little less motivated to knock on doors, or phone-bank, or talk to strangers — all of which are, admittedly, the worst, most pain-in-the-ass things in the world.

However, in these final days of the campaign, we must heed the wisdom of our forefathers.

What shall our job be during the next few weeks, O forefathers? What is it you want us to do? Tell us, O forefathers . . .

(If you’re like, ‘I get it, I don’t need to watch the video, I remember this song’ . . . umm, no, actually you need to watch this video. Just watch. Watch this video. Because, are you kidding me? LOL is all you can say to this video. NOW GET PUMPED AND GET READY TO HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS. You need to be knocking on doors like John Bonham.)



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