Who Is More Annoying Than Dana Milbank?

He’s like Maureen Dowd with hairy legs.

“Unleashed, Palin Makes a Pit Bull Look Tame.”

That’s the title of his stupid article about this stupid, small-minded woman. She’ll probably wear it as a badge of pride:

“Look at what this Washington, D.C. journalist said about me . . . said I make a pit bull look tame! (Crowd cheers) Now, the journalist probably meant that as in insult — (Crowd boos) — but where I come from, that’s a compliment! (Crowd cheers like a hoard of witless idiots)”

And then she’ll launch into more stupid shit about barracudas and hockey sticks and lipstick and grizzly bears or whatever dumb-turd, Alaskan-ized, fake-ass folksy drivel she scribbled in the margins of her Algebra textbook thirty years ago.

And Dana Milbank will go to some cocktail party in D.C. and be like, “Hey did you see Palin hold up a copy of my article? That was pretty cool. She’s so much fun to write about!”

Too many faces, not enough pies.

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