Interview With, One Of The Hottest Blogs is one of the hottest blogs around. I am the hottest new blogger on the scene. Match made in heaven? You bet! interviewed me about my thoughts and feelings, my hopes and aspirations . . . all that stuff.

Which parts of the campaign is giving you the most fodder these days?

I guess I get fodder from McCain and what an idiot he is and yet people still think he’s a maverick even though basically he’s an idiot. That’s good fodder because of the fact that he’s such an idiot.

What are some of your methods of going out and getting ideas for the strip or blog when they’re not coming to you?

LOL, I love that you wrote “going out and getting ideas,” like I ever leave my house, or am ever NOT just stationed in front of my computer hitting refresh on If I don’t have an idea for a cartoon, I just hit refresh harder and harder, faster and faster, with more and more ferocity, until something happens . . . like John McCain losing his mind and nominating some dumb lady from Alaska to be his VP.

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Thank you,!

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