Learn Your Dinosaurs II

Dinosaurs! The more I learn, the more I LIKE. Just imagine: They stomped and roared across the earth thousands of years ago, and then disappeared overnight. Where did they go? Nobody knows. Only their fossils remain. Fortunately, scientists can use the fossils to reconstruct what the dinosaurs looked like. These reconstructions can then be cross-referenced with cave paintings made by cavemen. Thank God for cavemen, that’s what I always say.

Anyway, one of the most amazing facts about dinosaurs is that they used to dance together. It’s true! Scientists have found low-resolution videos embedded in fossils that show dinosaurs moving in coordinated fashion to music. (Of course, it’s caveman music — the worst, most boring music you’ll ever hear — but it’s technically music.)

Can you imagine Steglasaurossus and Pterylodoctopus dancing together? LOL, “You’re stepping on my feet — all TEN of them!” (It’s a well-known fact that dinosaurs had shitloads of feet. Ever heard the expression, “That guy has more feet than a dinosaur?” That’s where that expression comes from. From dinosaurs.)


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