Why I Am The Go-To Blogger For The Coming Financial Crisis

You’re scared. The markets are falling. The interest rates are stagflating. The overnight currency exchanges are procluding.

What will tomorrow bring? And who will survive to witness it?

In the midst of this chaos, you need a calm voice, a steady hand, and a hot blog. I can provide all three. I will never let you down. MY PLEDGE: If you stick with me, you will never not understand what is happening to your money.

For instance, what is happening to your money right now is that it is getting completely hosed by the amoral corporate overlords who are going to feast on your blood and your children’s blood.

(And yes, your children are going to be all hungry and raddedy like those kids from Great Depression photos. You’re going to teach them to walk around in their grimy overalls and play the banjo and sing the old ballad “I Am Malnourished (Banjo Remix)” for spare change. It’s all part of the dynamic, destructive creativity of capitalism.)

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