What If John McCain Was Black?

People always say, “Oh, if Barack Obama was white, he’d have the election in the bag.”

I guess that’s interesting to think about.

But I have more fun thinking about this:

What if John McCain was black?

I haven’t compiled a list of all the stuff the white John McCain has said or done that would destroy the candidacy of a black John McCain. Why? Because I don’t have twenty billion pieces of paper to write the list on. But you don’t need a list. All you need is your imagination. When you go to bed tonight, try this exercise:

Think of the things White John McCain has said in, oh, the past month. Think of some of the decisions he’s made recently. Remember the whole “Zapatero” kerfuffle? What about this new thing where McCain claimed his campaign manager hadn’t taken money from Freddie Mac but actually he had? LOL, now just imagine John McCain was a 72-year-old black man. And he was running for president. And he thought people maybe might vote for him. LOL, LOL, be sure to warn your bunkmate that you will be giggling in your sleep!

UPDATE: And what if Black John McCain suspended his campaign and tried to postpone the debates because he was scared of the economy? OMG LOL OMG LOL.

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