Hello, gang! I wasn’t going to post anything until the new site is up and running (about three weeks from now), but blog reader BH asked politely, so here goes:

I just got a wonderful email from The Nation (communist magazine) about their upcoming cruise where you go out on a yacht and talk to nerds about
how great everything was in the 1960s. . .

Dear Nation Reader,

Imagine this…

Sunday… dinner with The Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Monday… an intimate acoustic concert with Jackson Browne.

Tuesday… Relaxing on the beach in Curacao next to Jeremy Scahill.

Wednesday Night… at the blackjack table with Victor Navasky.

Thursday… cocktails with Katrina vanden Heuvel.

What’s going on here? Did you die and go to heaven?

Anybody want to go on this boat trip with me? We would have so much fun drinking cocktails with Katrina vanden Von der VervenHeuvel!!!

In fact, it would be so fun, WE WOULD THINK WE HAD DIED.

(And that’s how you update a blog!)