I know people are going crazy missing my regular updates, but I’m busy working on the design for my real blog, which I hope to launch later this spring.

Talk to you later!

PS: MNFTIU Micro-Reviews:

Forbidden Kingdom: 5/10 stars

Who cares if this is the first pairing of Jackie Chan and Jet Li? Karate is karate. It’s just people jumping around in robes. IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: 6/10 stars

Why are people going crazy for this movie? This is the most average movie I have ever seen in my life. The only
surprising thing about it was the ending: The schlubby man-child hero gets the hot girl! That came out of left field . . . LOL . . . never seen that before in a Judd Apatow
movie . . . LOL . . . loved the combination of raunchy toilet humor and a sweet message, that really worked for me . . . are they writing these movies
using an algorithm based on raw data from a man/woman focus group supercomputer?