Guys, my foot is sore and my butt is sore because I’ve been kicking myself all morning!

I forgot about the debate last night! I saw The Counterfeiters instead. (Micro-review: I liked it.)

Anyway, I’m sorry I missed the debate. Sounds like it was a really good one. A really, really, really, good one. Serious. . . hard-hitting. . . touching all the
big issues. . . the issues that affect us all as Americans. . . like Obama’s secret support of the Weather Channel Underground(?), a terrorist group that has learned how to time-travel back
to the 1960s(?) to kill us with tornadoes and tropical storms(?)

I knew the questions would be good when I saw the moderators: Charles Gibson. George Stephanopluloulls. Two journalists at the top of their game. . . helping us understand where the
candidates stand on all the important issues of national importance. Like: Did you know Obama burned his American-flag lapel pin(?) I didn’t know those little things could burn, but I guess he used some special,
Muslim fire. . .

I think I’ll read some more about the debate and post my thoughts later.