As an elitist, I enjoy watching movies most people can’t understand. (Including some black & white movies from olden times.)

So last night, I watched this extremely normal (to me) movie called Southland Tales. You would probably think it was weird, but for me, it was totally hum-drum.
“Is that the best you got? I saw INLAND EMPIRE. . . step up your game.”

Just kidding, this movie was totally bizarre and nonsensical. But I send thoughts of love and affection to all the Hollywood stars who worked in it. ESPECIALLY THE ROCK!

This was the best scene in the movie. . . like a beautiful jewel sparkling in a crazy, clunky ring you would never wear out of the house:

I can’t really explain what was going on in the movie when they cut to this scene, but for some reason I had a strong emotional reacton to it:

A reaction of pure excitement.

Also, I hate to admit this because it will knock 10 points of my elitist ranking, but I think this song is a jam. Maybe that’s what I got excited about. Whenever I feel like I may be encountering
a jamming song, I get really hyper and I start thinking, “HOT JAM? HOT JAM? IS THIS A HOT JAM?” And then, if the song truly steps up to the jam, I get really happy and my mind is like,
“WE ARE JAMMING NOW WE ARE JAMMING NOW! HOT JAM! HOT JAM! IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE ALIVE!!!” (I get this feeling maybe once every three years.)

So after the movie was over (umm. . . like, after four hours. . . not a short film) I went on the internet (high-speed broadband, the choice of all elitists) to track down the artist and guess what? It’s by this band called THE KILLERS.

And you know what? You can make fun of me for being a teenage girl or whatever, but in my book, the Killers are two-for-two when it comes to hot jams.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I will admit: I once heard another song the Killers made called “When You Were Young,” and I liked it. I liked it so much, I bought it on the Apple Music Store
thing a couple years ago. (Ask my wife how often I buy songs on the Apple Music Store thing. . . answer: Not very often, maybe five times since they opened the store).

And I think “When You Were Young” qualifies as — yes — a jam. Once I even listened to it five times in a row. So sue me!!!


I can’t be an elitist every second of every day! Besides, classical music is BORING sometimes.