In between basketball games, I watched some of that big two-part FRONTLINE special called “Bush’s Thing He Did.”

I had forgotten all about “Clear, Hold, and Build,” our strategy to pacify Iraq:

First, we CLEAR an area of living people. Then, we HOLD our heads high and say, “We are Americans!” Then, we BUILD a bridge to a brighter future!


Totally better than the “Inkspot Strategy,” or whatever that strategy was that I read about in Foreign Affairs a few years ago, where we were going to soak up the insurgency like oil slicks, moving from town to town(?) Remember that one?

Or was that just “Clear, Hold, and Build” by a different name?

Anyway, great documentary. . . really made me feel calm and happy. . . LOL. . . Guess what, tonight I think I’ll go see Taxi to the Dark Side, then I can enter a “Who’s in the Best Mood?” contest, I’ll probably win, LOL. . .