NEW “REFLECTIONS” CONNECT has better reflections than the Times!

I’m switching to’s reflections. Why? They’re just plain more reflective.

Slate is focusing on the reflections of liberal hawks (i.e. liberal arts majors who want to kill people: a.ka. New Yorker contributors who are embarrassed about their lack of upper-body development; a.ka. people who want to eat brie and talk about military valor; a.k.a. people who are self-conscious that they’ve never met anyone who signed up for the Army to pay for college; a.k.a. baby-boomers who realize they’re runnning out of time to wage a generation-defining battle against evil; a.k.a. balding men who want to be in a Ken Burns documentary about how great they are; a.k.a. people who want to google their name + “the next Orwell” and get 100,000 hits.)


(By the way: Price of the brick goin’ up.)