First up: Jeffrey Goldberg.

If one of my mistakes was to trust men like August Hanning (German intelligence official who thought Saddam was three years away from an atomic bomb – ed.), another larger mistake was to put my trust in the Bush administration. . . . I will admit to a prejudice here: I believed — note the tense, please (Oh, just blow me, please – ed.) — that Republicans were by nature ruthless, unsentimental, efficient, and, most of all, preoccupied with winning. It simply never occurred to me that Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney would allow themselves to lose a war.

(My emphasis)

After all these years, my biggest question remains unanswered: Why did all these smart people think Bush would do anything other than fuck this up? Did they have access to secret files showing that Bush had actually run a successful baseball team, or business, or reconstruction of Afghanistan?

Oh well, at least we can look forward to years of hearing Jeffrey Goldberg eloquently express how disappointed he is.

Is he appearing at the next New Yorker Festival? I HOPE SO! I ALWAYS FEEL SO SMART WHEN I GO TO THOSE. (TIPPING POINT, REMEMBER?)


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