The reflections continue. After all, you can’t turn off a mirror. . . you can only turn away. . .

. . . and you can’t doubt the sincerity of our nation’s mirror, a.k.a. the New York Times. We seek a truer picture of ourselves within its pages, and hope to learn valuable lessons thereby/therein/therefore(?).

Here’s another quote from Richard Perle’s “Reflection” in the Times:

I was astonished (and dismayed) that we did not turn to well-established and broadly representative opponents of Saddam Hussein’s regime to assume the responsibilities of an interim government while preparing for elections.

(My emphasis, because it made me giggle!)

People, he’s talking about Ahmed Chalabi.

Sweet, sweet reflections. . .

The sweaty man turns his back on the mirror, BUT THE MIRROR STILL REFLECTS HIM.


Photo credit: Fotosearch. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.