If Barack Obama is going to practice a new kind of politics, the kind that doesn’t tempt all thoughtful people to tape scorpions to their eyes and jump off a bridge, his campaign needs to stop with all the “WE ARE SO OUTRAGED BY THE LATEST OUTRAGEOUS THING SAID BY THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN” press statements.

This is the lamest, most disingenuous form of political gamesmanship, bar none. It is the propositional equivalent of a soggy VHS copy of Weekend at Bernie’s. It’s over. Leave it behind.

Like with this whole Geraldine Ferraro flap, where she basically said “The only reason Barack Obama is doing so well is because he’s not white(!?!)”

The Obama people are demanding Clinton reject Ferraro, or cut ties with Ferraro, or repudiate Ferraro’s assertative modality, or whatever dumb-ass thing you’re supposed to do these days.

Nobody cares. I’d rather they just went into surreal mode:

Once again, Geraldine Ferraro has proved that her lasagna is crying. It’s the same, tired zebra-skin astronaut fart we saw in Omaha, New Mexicoca-Cola. Let it hum with YOUR harmonica, America. WE ARE THE OBAMA.

See? All of a sudden, I’m paying attention again!