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MDC Team #5

“MDC Team #5 is in the motherfucking hooooooouse!”

All author royalties from “Get Your War On” and “Get Your War On II” are donated to Mine Detection & Dog Center Team #5. The men of MDC Team #5 clear landmines and unexploded ordnance in western Afghanistan. These photographs should give you an idea of the work they do…

(ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COPYRIGHT 2002 ERIN SNIDER AND ADOPT-A-MINEFIELD; captions are by David Rees. These photos cannot be reposted.)

Do NOT fucking step on this!!!!

Some members of MDC Team #5 pose in front of their headquarters in Herat.

Do you see the white sign in the middle of this photograph? That’s where an Afghan boy watched his sister blow apart when she accidentally detonated some ordnance. She’s in heaven now.

Whoopsie-daisy! This is the Kabul headquarters of Afghan Technical Consultants, a demining group. An American bomb sort of “renovated” the office last October (2001). Two security guards were “renovated” as well, if you know what I mean.

These kids have lived near MDC Team #5’s headquarters for the past eight years. They’ve grown up in the midst of the “conflict” (ie “total fucking war”) between mujahadeen and the Taliban. You know, I used to get mad when my parents wouldn’t let me stay up to watch “Knight Rider.”

A map of a minefield. Team members can keep track of which areas have been cleared and which areas are still dangerous.

These are residents of Mazel Khurija, near MDC Team #5 headquarters. For the past two years they have struggled to gain access to water and food in the aftermath of a drought. Having landmines scattered all over the goddamn place doesn’t make things any easier.

You know those old guys you see on the beach, using their metal detectors to find rare Civil War coins or whatever? The activity pictured here has slightly higher stakes than that.

After removing the mines and unexploded ordnance from a given area, the men in MDC Team #5 put them all in one place and destroy them. Look at that shit. How’d you like to see your kid’s body parts all mixed up in that?

Future victims of landmines?
Not if MDC Team #5 can help it!

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thaaat’s amore!”

If you don’t feel like buying “Get Your War On,” but still want to help rid the world of landmines, you’re encouraged to donate directly to Adopt-A-Minefield. Thanks!