The future of finance has arrived thanks to 2021

What is there to say about cryptocurrencies? Quite a lot, to be honest! In 2021, this new form of currency captivated our imagination and inspired our society in ways that would have been unimaginable even ten years ago. From the chat groups of the internet to the front pages of the newspapers, this was year when “crypto” stepped into the limelight and stole our hearts.

Cryptocurrencies, quite simply, are the future of money. If you’re not on the blockchain bandwagon, be prepared to remain stranded in the leftover dust of yesteryear. It’s simply a matter of time before traditional credit cards and paper money seem as antiquated as the horse and buggy of previous centuries. Make no mistake: The future is knocking, and only those who invest in cryptocurrencies are up to the task of opening the door. “When God closes a door, he opens a window” (Luke 14:3) — it is no exaggeration to say that this is the spirit of cryptocurrency in a nutshell.

Are you ready to celebrate the future of investing, with a twist of excitement courtesy of the digital age? (I trust that you are!) Here are the TOP TEN CRYPTOCURRENCIES OF 2021:

10. Cryptocurrencies with a true “Wow Factor”

9. Fully digital cryptocurrencies

8. Popular cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin)

7. I will never apologize for my cryptocurrencies

6. Appropriate cryptocurrencies in 2021 that were very nice

5. (TIE) Sexy cryptocurrencies / NFT tokens with blockchain passwords and cyber-wallets, if you ask me

4. Very lucrative cryptocurrencies

3. Almost perfect cryptocurrencies

2. Exciting new monetary concepts that are loved by all

1. Cryptocurrencies that make ya go “hmmm”