Best Of 2019: TECHNOLOGY

2019 was a year defined by advances and refinements in technology. From the latest consumer goods to noble experiments in cutting-edge labs, this was the year technology assumed center stage in American life. And when you think about it, it just makes sense. After all, technology is more than a box with wires in it; it’s an entirely new way of inventing products, services and systems that improve our lives. It’s the result of years of hard work. And that’s why 2019 will forever be known as “The Year Technology Grew Up.”


In honor of technology, I am happy to offer this list of the TOP TEN TECHNOLOGIES OF 2019:

10. Space technologies

9. Medical technologies

8. Experimental technologies

7. Phones

6. Virtual reality

5. Patterns and systems

4. When Tony says he’s got the latest technology and you’re like, “Tony is a high-tech guy”

3. Some of the coolest tech of 2019

2. Balloons … but with a high-tech twist

1. The ultimate technology