Best Of 2019: FASHION

“The clothes make the man” … “Every girl crazy about a sharp-dressed man” … “Women love clothes” … Our culture has many expressions about the importance of clothes. In fact, when it comes to our outward appearance, clothing is one of the most important factors, outside of grooming and body size / facial expressions. If I don’t know you, your clothing can tell me what you value, how you style yourself, and why you look so good! And this is precisely where fashion comes in: To help turn hum-drum clothing into high-octane, unforgettable means of personal expression. “Expression of what?” Expression of style.


Simply put, fashion is where clothing goes to Grow Up and Get It On. We live in a cultural moment when fashion is more important than ever — it helps us navigate our identities in a changing landscape, and allows us a bit of fun while we wear our clothes, shoes, and makeup. And in case you’re wondering, 2019 was no different: A year defined by the strides made in the fashion world.

Here, then, are the TOP TEN FASHIONS OF 2019:

10. Women’s fashions

9. European clothing that stretches one’s mind to the breaking point

8. Shoes and socks

7. “Damn, son, are you seriously killing it in those fashions very much? Answer: YES”

6. Acoustic fashions

5. Capes and swords

4. Glorious fashions, simply glorious

3. Some of the hottest fashions of 2019

2. Elite fashions from iconic houses

1. A coat that makes ya go “Hmmm?” And then you say “I love that coat.”