Best Of 2018: HIGHLIGHTS

Couple toasting with wine

It may be painful to admit, but a year is only as good as its highlights. Whether personal or international, highlights are the moments than define the best of an era, for good or bad. And that’s why when reckoning with a year’s end, we’d be remiss if we didn’t make a sober inventory of its highlights. We may celebrate these highlights, yes, but we must also put them in context, making sure that they are listed correctly.

Here are the TOP TEN HIGHLIGHTS OF 2018:

10. Mediocre highlights

9. Ambiguous highlights

8. Highlights that make ya go “hmmm”

7. Personal highlights

6. Cultural highlights

5. Massive highlights

4. Amusing highlights

3. Stunning highlights

2. Indelible highlights

1. The most amazing highlights, never to be forgotten