Best Of 2018: FURNITURE

Tables, chairs, and sofas: When the name of the game is furniture, these are the star players. You definitely won’t find them sitting on the bench — and not just because benches are another type of furniture! Anyway, when it came to furniture, 2018 was no different. In spite of all our technological advances, we still needed places to sit, eat, work, sleep and make love on … and that’s where furniture comes in.

Without any further ado about furniture, let’s remember that you can’t spell “furniture” without “future,” and turn to the present to celebrate theĀ BEST FURNITURE OF 2018:

10. Wooden tables

9. Rolling chairs

8. Hotel furniture

7. Furniture from your friend’s house, i.e. that one chair where you’re likeĀ “Ooh I can’t wait to sit in that nice chair when I go to Tony’s house”

6. Lease-to-own furniture

5. (TIE) Comfortable furniture / Antique furniture

4. Coffee-shop furniture

3. American furniture

2. Furniture that leads to wonderful things

1. “I’d sell my soul for more of that great furniture”