stock-photo-businessman-on-a-podium-making-a-speech-or-announcement-207969922If you need to reach many people at once, there’s no better choice than making an announcement. From subways to shopping malls, from airplanes to football stadiums, when people hear an announcement, they pay attention and become informed. Because 2017 was a fast-paced year with high stakes — a year with shifting conditions and multiple factors influencing it — there can be no doubt we saw record numbers of announcements.

Some of these announcements (especially big political announcements) will quickly become part of our shared history. Others will be quickly forgotten. But one thing we can say about the announcements of 2017 is, “Turn the loudspeakers up and keep those announcements comin’!”

And so without any further ado, I am happy to ANNOUNCE that the time has come to commemorate the TOP TEN ANNOUNCEMENTS OF 2017:

10. Political announcements

9. Official announcements

8. Proclamations

7. Corporate announcements (concerning bargains, promotions, sales, etc.)

6. Announcements via loudspeaker

5. Family announcements

4. Announcements where you can’t believe what you’re hearing

3. Informative announcements delivered with normal inflection

2. When they announce something and you’re like “I’m here for this announcement”

1. The greatest announcements