Best Of 2017: FURNITURE

When historians look back on 2017, they will no doubt be astonished at the furniture we enjoyed this year. A combination of technology, innovation, and fine woods and metals allowed craftsmakers to design and construct wonderful furniture!

From tables to chairs, 2017 was the year high-quality furniture truly made itself “at home.” And what better place for furniture to be? After all, a house is not a home without a family, and a family has no place to sit until they buy (or are given) furniture.

Let’s celebrate a great year for furniture. Let’s honor 2017.

Here are the TOP TEN FURNITURES OF 2017:

10. Mass-market furniture

9. Medium-quality furniture

8. Appropriate furniture

7. Solid wooden furniture, is anything more satisfying

6. Furniture that’s a little bit edgy but still comfortable if you’re sitting on the furniture

5. Big huge tables that are gigantic

4. Online furniture stores

3. Innovative furniture

2. “I love my new furniture”

1. Mmm, lemme sit on that