Best Of 2012: TWITTER

IS THERE ANY DOUBT THAT 2012 WAS THE YEAR TWITTER CAME INTO ITS OWN? Everyone has a story about their favorite tweet this year: The 142-character burst of inspiration that made them laugh, or cry, or just simply rock their foundational assumptions to their very core and see the world in an entirely new way. From politicians, to actors and actresses, to the guy down the block: Everyone had something to say this year, and they said it on Twitter.

It was this simple web app, Twitter, that finally put the “face” in “facial media,” and it’s high time they* did. But don’t take my word for it — you can read all about it: Extra! Extra! … on twitter!

(*The people who invented Twitter)

These year-end lists must change with the times we live in, and since we live in the Age of Twitter, here — for the first time ever — are the TOP TEN TWEETS OF 2012!

10. Holiday tweets

9. Political tweets

8. (TIE) Sports-related tweets / RTs

7. Celebrity tweets

6. Pretty funny tweets

5. Really funny tweets

4. Heartfelt tweets

3. “Tweets that make ya go Hmm-mm?”

2. The best-loved tweets

1. The greatest tweets

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