Best Of 2012: VIDEO GAMES

“VIDEO GAMES … THEY’RE NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN ANYMORE.” If you thought video games died with Pong, you couldn’t be more incorrect — in fact, the video game industry now makes more money than the Hollywood industry, with stories and graphics that rival the big movie studios. And thanks to 2012, Americans played more video games than ever before — even games where you wave a controller and the little guy on your TV waves his controller right back at you! Miracles can still happen, thanks to video games.

From first-person shooters to light-hearted sports, 2012 will always be remembered as the year videos games finally grew up. Let’s face facts: Video games are an art form, and 2012 was the Louvre (French museum) of video games.

Here are the TOP TEN VIDEO GAMES OF 2012:

10. Video games with cool graphics

9. Video games with funny dialogue

8. Video games with cool music

7. The coolest video games

6. (TIE) Fake tennis / Drive a spaceship

5. Video games where nothing happens except maybe you build a town with blocks(?) and then look at it with your fake eyes inside the video game like a goddamn idiot, America when did we lose our way

4. Video-game reviews

3. Video game tournaments where you can win real money

2. Articles about video games inside video games

1. Call of War: 1872 Revenge Ops II

And that’s all there is to say about VIDEO GAMES.