Get Your Censor On

Hello! Remember when I was a political cartoonist, and then I quit? Well something made me annoyed enough to get back in the ol’ cartooning game: This crappy SOPA bill that’s being voted on and which could lead to China-style internet censorship here in America, the country we all love.

It makes me sad b/c even when I was a cartoonist making dirty jokes about Dick Cheney and how he’s a war criminal etc, I always knew nothing bad would happen to me — because we have freedom of expression, which is awesome — so when foreign journalists interviewing me about GYWO would ask, “So, has the government reached out to stop you?” I would always say, “I don’t know what it’s like in your country, but here in America we can say whatever the fuck we want and it’s beautiful.”

We gotta keep that! It’s important!

So anyway enough of my old-man ramblings. Here’s one of the comics … the rest are waiting for you at

Thanks — and please STOP SOPA!