Big Comedy Show In Beacon

Hello everyone,

My friend Sam and I are hosting our TENTH COMEDY SHOW in Beacon this Saturday. To celebrate, we’ve invited three great NYC comedians who have performed in Beacon over the past couple years to return for an all-star blowout show:

Andrea Rosen
Tom Shillue
Max Silvestri

Each of these performers is amazing; to have all three perform in one night is spectacular! (Especially for the low cost of $5.)

Anyway, if you live in the Hudson Valley, you owe it to yourself to attend this gig. If you live in NYC, you should rent a car or take the train and attend this gig. Basically, if you’re within five hours of Beacon NY, you should attend this gig. It will be “the stuff of which legends are made.”

Max Silvestri is not on this flyer, but he will be at the show!