Friday Face-Offs: Firework – 7th Place

Celtic harp time!

Oh I’m sorry, did you not like that particular Celtic harp version of “Firework?” Okay, then, try this one:

Now can I ask my question about harps? How the hell do people learn how to play them? Seriously. Harps have like 100 strings on them. They have more things to keep track of than any other instrument. It’s crazy.

People think trumpets are so great, and so hard to play: “I can’t believe how talented Wynton Marsalis is, playing the trumpet.” PLEASE. Look at a trumpet:

How many buttons does a trumpet have? Three? Wow, three whole buttons to press! How will I ever keep track of all those buttons? If a trumpet was a harp, it would have 100 buttons and be the size of nine tubas welded together. Harps are crazy and anyone who can play one is a musical genius. And a firework. You know I’m right. THE END.

Friday Firework-Offs! Next video coming up soon …