Friday Face-Offs: Firework – 4th Place

First of all, I didn’t realize that energy-drink companies had actually started producing humans, but there you go. Second of all …. best camera tripod of all time??? Third of all, check out the girl on the left at (0:20), when she doesn’t know the words and just goes “luh-luh-luh,” THEN gets momentarily obsessed with her hair (like “OMG I’m gonna be on Friday Face-Offs!”), and THEN gets back on board for the chorus! THAT is how winners roll in the moment.

I also have to mention this video, because it’s visually stunning, in a weird way. It looks like a Terrence Malick movie. Or a Rothko painting rotated 90 degrees:

I have this painting of St. Francis of Assisi by Francisco de Zurbarán taped to my laptop, and this video kind of has the same vibe for me … reverent and ineffable and ominous.

Friday Face-Offs! “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.” Three more videos to go!