Wineblogging Update

I’m chillin’ in the wine store … just sold six bottles … hate to brag, but yeah, that’s a lot of wine … I had to pack them in a box because they don’t make bags big enough for so much wine … six bottles at once … I told you this wasn’t a joke. I processed the customer’s credit card with utmost speed and due diligence. Believe that.

Have any of you blog readers ever heard of an obscure Chapel Hill band called Metal Flake Mother? (I’ve probably written about them before because they used to make me so happy.) Anyway, one of the guys from that late, lamented band is back with a new band and I just found this video on youtube and I’ve been listening to it for, oh, say, 45 minutes straight.

So come on by and get that wine and let’s talk about classic Metal Flake Mother songs like “Deem On” and “Wingtip Lizards,” especially the moment where it breaks open into that three (four?)-part vocal harmony, oh boy that’ll give you shivers every time.