Friday Face-Offs: Replay – 6th Place

I think somebody likes playing the guitar. I think somebody really likes, like: LIKE-likes playing the guitar.

Not to brag, but I like to do lots of different things. However I definitely need to find something that makes me feel the way playing the guitar obviously makes this guy feel. What mood is that? That guy is chillin’ sooooo hard.

Truly, guys, just watch this entire video and focus on the guitar player. I GUARANTEE you will start laughing out loud with happiness vis a vis how amazingly hard he is deriving pleasure from being alive.

He kinda looks like Mac from Superchunk — another guitarist who really likes to play guitar — but really, there’s no comparison: Compared to this guy, Mac is like em-effing Andy Rooney on the guitar. Hell’s bells, compared to this guy EVERYBODY is Andy Rooney. Great, thanks to this guy, we now live in a world populated entirely by Andy Rooney simulacra. Great, just great.

You know the thing I don’t understand about the internet? Why is there all these videos on it? Hmmph. Look at how messy my office is, THAT PROVES I’M SMART.

Here we all are, talking about music:

(Actually, this video of us is pretty great. “I don’t know who Lady Gaga is.”)

Friday Face-Offs-Offs-Offs-Offs (stuck on replay!)