Friday Face-Offs: Replay – 3rd Place

As a former member of SPEBSQSA, I gotta give it up for this young man. He is 4,000% barbershop. He’s got the classic harmonies, the classic facial expression, the classic BARBERSHOP PRIDE!!!

Also, according to his notes, he lives in Hawaii where apparently it’s noisy as shit outside so he had a frustrating time recording. Here’s everything he lists that was going on outside his window:

“birds, cars, leaf blowers, construction, kids playing outside, people practicing instruments, airplanes, helicopters, etc. etc. etc. “

What the hell is going on over there in Hawaii? “Leaf blowers?” WTF? They have leaves that fall off trees in Hawaii??? “People practicing instruments?” Double-WTF?????? Who’s practicing an instrument in Hawaii? Just go to the beach and drink a rum.

Here’s some free advice for whoever the mayor of Hawaii is: Maybe you should re-name Hawaii “Cacophony Archipelago.” (Actually that’d be a good name for a grindcore band. I wonder if Hawaii has a big grindcore scene? I must remember to google that the next time I feel like I’m about to do something productive.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been thinking about this whole Hawaii-is-noisy theory and it doesn’t add up. I can’t believe it. I’ve got my misconceptions about Hawaii stuck on replay. Great, just great: another paradigm-shattering edition of Friday Face-Offs. How many more of my precious paradigms are going to be shattered, just so you people can keep watching all the great videos I find on my computer??? “Bartender, pour me another Andy Rooney. Better make it a double.” (Whatever that means; I just typed it for fun.)


Two more contestants to go! It’s Friday Face-Offs!