“I’m So Enraged, I Can’t Decide Whether To Black Out Or Throw Up.”

The Guardian catches a case of artisanal pencil sharpening fever.

Here’s my favorite comment from the article:

Nobody sharpens pencils like my mother – full-on butchers knife was her weapon of choice, and no sharper, meaner pencil walked the earth.

I like this mans style; taking the piss maybe, but bringing life back to fundamentals. Would sign up to his service, coz I love a sharp pencil, but mum would be a little put out. And she still has the full-on butchers knife!!!

I got a bunch of UK orders today … and I’m still backed up with orders from Germany. Tomorrow will be a busy day of international pencil sharpening.

And then we have to talk about the Caribbean cruise! OMG it’s about to get sooooo fun in pencil-sharpening world!