Sentimental Pencils Request

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow afternoon they’re filming a talk show hosted by John Hodgman at the 168th St Armory in New York City. The guests will be Nick Mangold of the New York Jets and Sarah Vowell of the New York This-American-Lifes. Some amazing things are gonna happen that I can’t even talk about.

If you have tickets to this show I need to talk to you:

I’m doing an artisanal pencil sharpening demonstration as an audience warm-up. (I did a demo at a party on Friday night and sharpened over twenty pencils; it was intense with sweat flying every which way. Somebody almost spilled wine on my Dahle 166 premium sharpener.) I’d really appreciate it if one of you would bring a PENCIL WITH SENTIMENTAL VALUE AND AN INTERESTING BACKSTORY to the show. I want to arrange an authentic, emotional encounter between your pencil and my pencil sharpener; between your past and your future. I love sharpening pencils that have personal resonance for clients.

So, please, if you are coming to the show (and I should mention you need a ticket to come to the show), bring your favorite pencil!


David Rees
“Master Sharpener”

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