Speaking Of Farmers’ Markets: SHARPERCHUNK

I’m an old-school Superchunk fan. I have the “Cool/Fishing” 7-inch. I also have the “Freed Seed” EP. (I also saw them play “Enter Sandman” at the WXYC Madonnathon, and if anyone knows what I’m talking about, congratulations you’ve just won the “MNFTIU Old-School Award.”)

Anyway, I really like Superchunk so it makes me excited to announce that I WILL BE ARTISANALLY SHARPENING PENCILS AT THE BOWERY BALLROOM SUPERCHUNK SHOW ON SATURDAY, 9/18.

I have no idea what this will be like. Oh wait, actually, I do: IT WILL BE AWESOME.

So if you have tickets to the show, please stop by the merch area (I think that’s where I’ll be) and order a pencil and I’ll sharpen it right then and there!!! While I’m sharpening your pencil we can discuss mid-90s Chapel Hill artisanal indie rock: Scuppernong, Evil Weiner, Zen Frisbee, Vanilla Trainwreck … bring it.

(PS: Thanks to reader JKD for letting me know that the farmers’ market in the video below is the Durham one, not the Carrboro one.)