Amazing Customer Testimonial

I got into the pencil sharpening business for two reasons:

1. I like sharpening pencils
2. I like making people happy

Check out this amazing customer testimonial:

Let’s face it, we’re not trained to sharpen our own pencils…


Why not leave it to the experts?

All you have to do is send your #2 pencils to Mr. Rees and for $12.50 a piece he’ll sharpen them to a precision graded point.

What’s that? You say you think that $12.50 sounds kind of expensive?

But is it REALLY?

Each pencil that Mr. Rees receives gets his PERSONALIZED attention and is sharpened in the old-world tradition that pencils were meant to be sharpened in.

Please, if you’re on the fence about whether to order one of my super-sharp pencils, read the whole thing.

Then send me $40 via PayPal and I’ll send you a pencil, a certificate of sharpness, and a limited edition print!