My Top 10 Favorite Moments From LOST

Whether you’re a LOST fanatic or a LOST hater, you have to admit: Last night’s finale was an amazing end to an amazing show!

To celebrate, here’s my list of the ten most unforgettable moments from the series:

10.) Season 1, Ep. 1:
The series kicks off with a bang!

9. Season 2, Ep. 3
Jack & Juliet: the island romance begins …

8. Season 5, Ep. 4
This episode featured some of the greatest catchphrases: “Give me the whip;” “Have you forgotten the house of pain,” etc.

7. Season 1, Ep. 5
The smoke monster attacks!

6. Season 3, Ep. 8
Locke dances!

5. Season 6, Ep. 13
The island is alive!

4. Season 2, Ep. 92
Hurley rocks!

3. Season 6, Ep. 12
The smoke monster can’t be stopped.

2. Season 7, Ep. 254
Parallel-universe madness!

And the NUMBER ONE moment from LOST:
1. Season 3, Ep. GH-230.001
The “flash-forward” that started it all!